• J&B Millen Farms

    J&B Millen Farms

    Little Dyke Road, Great Village, NS

    J&B Millen Farms was established by two brothers, Johnathan and Brandon Millen. They were just teenagers when they started their own operation. Johnathan and Brandon  worked on their parent’s farm for as long as they could remember and that helped spear them to start a business of their own. J&B Millen Farms was officially incorporated in 2011 and continues to grow and thrive today.

    The farm is located just outside of Great Village. J&B Millen Farm grows and raises a mix of livestock and produce. The main things that they produce are pigs, chickens, corn, soybeans, grains, onions, and turnips.

    Many of their products are sold locally at Masstown Market. They do weekly deliveries there. Their pigs however, are bred and raised as young hogs which are then sold to Quebec to be finished. The farm grows the grains for their own animal feed as well.

    The Millen’s are a family deeply involved in growing food and love being part of Nova Scotia agriculture.