• Charles Keddy Farms Ltd.

    North Bishop Road, Kentville

    Keddy Nursey

    Charles Keddy Farms has been in business for 44 years now. This beautiful farm is located in Lakeville, Nova Scotia, and rests on 600 acres. This  family farm, owned and operated by Charles and Doris and their son and daughter-in-law, Phil and Katie grows sweet potatoes, and strawberry nursery plants. A young third generation is also involved on the farm; Charlie and Ben. In fact, Charles Keddy Farm Ltd. is the largest sweet potato producer East of Ontario. Their sweet potatoes can be purchased at Sobeys, Walmart, Avery’s, Foote’s Farm Market, and Sterling’s under the name of Valley Harvest Sweet Potatoes. The Keddy’s also sell asparagus roots, rhubarb crowns, along with raspberry & blackberry canes. Katie says that her favourite part about being a farmer, is that no two days are alike. She also shares that it is a privilege caring for and working with the land.