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Meister Field and Forest

If you’re wondering where you can find David Meister and Christina Caldwell look no further than the 6th generation beef/produce farm and forestry operation they live on in New Ross, Nova Scotia. Both grew up on farms and have strong agricultural backgrounds – only taking a brief break while they explored the West Coast living in Calgary, Alberta.

When they decided to move back to the East Coast they landed back at the Meister farm and began working alongside David’s parents Karl and Alice. Meister Field and Forest is a diverse operation that operates on 600 acres and offers a number of products and services. At peak herd they have 20 Angus beef cattle in the beef part of their operation – using about 50 acres for pasture and hay production. You will also find 1 acre being used for their vegetable, garlic, berry and herb gardens – which are sold to local establishments and farmers markets. In addition, their forestry operation includes wood production for lumber and paper products, as well as Christmas trees.

“We’re interested in Agrotourism this year, with more on farm events and workshops coming up in late 2018,” David added.

“So many things led us to this work, but there were two major things that stood out. The first was a desire and interest in this work. We enjoy all the things we work on and what we produce, even the tasks required to make them happen. We also want to have more of a connection to the food we eat,” Christina explained.

This will be their first year officially participating in Open Farm Day – as they have held events in the past for friends and family.

“We feel it’s important to participate for several reasons but the main one is that we feel there is a loss of connection between people and where their food comes from and being part of this allows us to help bridge that gap,” David stated.

Visitors can expect a welcoming atmosphere and a great opportunity to see and learn about a diverse farm operation. There will be tours of the barn, tractor and equipment displays, garden tours and a hiking path. Visitors will also be able to see the cattle and free-range hens.

Did you know: the Meister farm is 200 years old, and has been in the family for 6 generations?

“The best part of the day is when we can connect with people, but specifically the kids who want to see and learn about something they see on the farm,” David said.

“We love to see the younger generation have an opportunity to connect with farm life,” Christina added.

Meister Field and Forest can’t wait to see you on the farm!


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  1. South Shore Exhibition

    July 23 - July 28
  2. Western Nova Scotia Exhibition

    July 31 - August 3
  3. Shelburne County Agricultural Exhibition

    August 6 - August 10
  4. Annapolis Valley Exhibition

    August 12 - August 17
  5. Cape Breton Exhibition

    August 12 - August 17


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