• Terra Tonics Farm

    Terra Tonics Farm

    Billtown, Annapolis Valley


    Getting Started

    Brogan Carruther and Harrison Van Meekeren started Terra Tonics Farm with a dream to grow mushrooms. But, their evolution continues as they now produce seasonal mixed vegetables and microgreens in addition to their gourmet mushrooms.

    Growing Strong

    Terra Tonics Farm is roughly 3 years old. They operate on about one-third of an acre. Both Harrison and Brogan have a combined farming experience of 11 years. Harrison’s background is in orchard management, and Brogan specializes in mixed vegetables. Brogan and Harrison are committed to growing without the use of chemicals and operate with a no-till system. They feed their soil using high quality fertilizer, made on-site, in a series of one thousand litre totes. The totes are filled with millions of worms which digest the compost.

    The Reward

    Brogan and Harrison feel that there is nothing better than knowing you are feeding families. They love to hear about the recipes their products are used in. They enjoy seeing pictures of families making use of their vegetables. And, they love knowing that the food they grow fuels their customers in their day to day lives. Brogan shares that it is also fun to see what types of amendments, compost recipes, and watering amounts can increase production. Amature soil science and straight up luck play a huge role in their lives, and they find it humbling to be at the mercy of the maritime climate.

    Find Their Products

    Here is where you can find Terra Tonics Farm products:

    • North Mountain Farmer Market from: May – Oct.
    • Kentville Farmers Market: February – May
    • Microgreens can be found at: Stirlings Farm Market in Greenwich, Foote’s Farm Market in Centreville, Rising Sun Natural Foods in Berwick,  and all Noggins Corner Farm Market Locations.