• South River Ranch

    South River Ranch

    5161 Dunmore Road, St. Andrews


    South River Ranch is located in the community of St. Andrews, Nova Scotia. Owned and operated by Carrondale Cattle Company (Ryan McCarron and Kaitlyn Knox), the farm is 100+ years old! Ryan and Kaitlyn have been farming together for about four years. Ryan grew up on the farm, which was a dairy farm but has transitioned to beef and forage and grain crops with working horses.

    Ryan and Kaitlyn farm about 1,000 acres and make all of the forage and grain to feed their cattle- right from when they are calves to finished beef. Crops include wheat, corn, barley, oats and grasses. The farming pair use horses when their cattle are on pasture.

    When asked, what do you love about being a farmer? Kaitlyn and Ryan say it’s being self-sufficient, working outdoors with animals and being able to create a product for others to enjoy.

    South River Ranch sells beef directly to consumers through their website.