• Poynton Farms Ltd. (Newcombes Sweet Corn)

    Poynton Farms Ltd. (Newcombes Sweet Corn)

    1111 Hwy 341, Upper Canard, Kings County


    Poynton Farms is home to Newcombe’s Sweet Corn where Ian Newcombe and Andrea Palmer farm about 120 acres growing Sweet Corn, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Blueberries and rotational crops. Ian and Andrea operate a successful farm stand specializing in sweet corn.  They have developed a reputation for having the best sweet corn in the valley with a following that has spread throughout Nova Scotia. The farm stand is open from late July to Labour Day Monday. Ian and Andrea are proud that youth from their community have operated the stand for many years, including their now-grown children.

    Over his 30+ years, Ian has carefully selected the best-tasting varieties to keep customers coming back for more. They serve with a smile, and share the proper cooking techniques for corn so that it stays as sweet as it was on the stalk. The secret?? Steam your corn for 3-5 minutes, just enough to warm it up and melt your butter. Some people even enjoy it raw!

    Poynton Farm is also known for their large, painted signs that line the road leading to the stand. People love to pose for pictures with ‘Big Ian’ – and get a bigger thrill if Ian happens to be there to pose with them.