• Nichols Farm

    Aylesford Road, Aylesford

    Apples hold a long standing history in the Annapolis Valley and Nichols Farm is part of that story. Craig and Norma Nichols farm with their children and family in Aylesford. The farm started in 1920 by Jeremiah Nichols and has grown today to include 12 apple varieties as well as growing soybean, corn, peaches, blueberries and raspberries. The Nichols are part of Scotian Gold Cooperative Ltd. and sell their apples there.

    Craig and Norma farm with two of their four children. Dan and Sam work alongside their parents and their 50 temporary foreign workers from Jamaica and their local employees. They strive to maintain a sense of community on their farm. In addition to their own farm, the Nichols help manage two apple farm nearby, take care of a cranberry field and Craig also has a construction company. This comes in handy and allows Craig to fulfill his love for machinery.

    Dan enjoys knowing where his food comes from and sharing that with others. You can purchase their fruit on site from the “Berry Shed”. During harvest times they offer U-Pick on some of their fruits. Dan has been working at the berry shed since he was 10 years old!

    Dan also loves working with plants and the flexibility that farming offers. He has recently built a hydroponic room in one of the buildings on the farm. He wants to grow and sell lettuce and other products in the future.