• Newville Lakeview Farm Ltd.

    2740 Newville Road, Parrsboro, NS


    William, Christine and Yves Davison are proud farmers at Newville Lakeview Farm Ltd. in Newville, NS (just outside of Parrsboro). The Davison’s farm wild blueberries, maple syrup and have a forestry operation on about 2,000 acres of land. The farm started in early the 1800’s. By 1942, all of the farm’s Wild Blueberries were sold fresh, in pints. The blueberries are now harvested by a mechanical harvester. The Davison’s love talking to customers and explaining how they make their products. In1995 they opened their own ‘Cabin D’Sucre’ where they serve fresh made pancakes with maple syrup. You can find their wild blueberry and maple products such as maple BBQ sauce, and wild blueberry sauce at: Parrsboro Co-op, Dave’s Fruit Market, and Maritime Mosaic or online at newville.ca.