• Little Dorset Farm – The Legg Family

    10832 HWY 224, Middle Musquodoboit, NS

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    Little Dorset Farms was established in 1975 on a 143 year-old farm stead on 600 acres in the Musquodoboit Valley by Maureen and Ambrose Legg. The farm is named after where Ambrose’s ancestors farmed for many generations in the Marshwood Vale district of Dorset, England. The Farm has remained a family run operation since day one and 45 years later Glenn (the eldest son) is now taking the reins for the next generation with a little one of his own. Little Dorset Farm grows a large selection of crops from Barley, Oats, Winter Wheat, Soybeans, Cattle Corn, Grasses and Clover which is used to feed the Beef, Hogs and Free Ranged Chicken they raise on the farm for their Musquodoboit retail store. Little Dorset Farms have been doing retail since 1982 and offer a large selection of choices, beef and pork cuts, whole chicken and pieces, homemade meat pies, homemade sausages, bacon, and hams.