• Folly River Farm

    Folly River Farm

    Debert, Colchester County

    The MacEacherns’

    Located in Colchester County, Lauchie and Jolene MacEachern and their family own Folly River Farms. A dairy farm where the MacEachern’s milk 95 cows. They also grow forages, grains, and corn on 350 acres of land for livestock feed. They recently installed solar panels on the roof of their barn as well. Lauchie and Jolene are members of Dairy Farmers’ of Nova Scotia (DFNS), the local producer organization that is responsible for buying and selling milk to regional processors.

    Getting Started

    Neither Lauchie or Jolene grew up at Folly River Farm. Jolene was raised on a dairy farm in Cape Breton and Lauchie worked on a local beef and strawberry farm as a teenager. They both have been involved in agriculture and knew they wanted to have a farm of their own. Lauchie came to work at Folly River Farm as a Herdsman in 2001 following his graduation from university. It was a short-term plan while Jolene finished up her degree. The couple ended up staying for a few years before moving out west to work in agriculture.

    Pull to Nova Scotia

    After realizing they did not want to be away from family, they moved back to Nova Scotia. Lauchie and Jolene worked alongside Jolene’s parents on their dairy farm. One day the owner of Folly River Farm contacted Lauchie and Jolene to say they were interested in selling the farm. Jolene and Lauchie jumped at the chance to own a farm and moved back to Folly River in August of 2006. After many years of working together with the original owners, Jolene and Lauchie bought the farm on January 1st, 2013.

    In the Community

    Both Lauchie and Jolene play a very active role in their community and industry. Lauchie has been or is involved with the local Holstein club, Milk Committee for DFNS, as facilitator for Agropur Cooprative, member of NS Young Farmers, and on an the Animal Health and Livestock Committee. He also also coached or helped coach hockey for 10 years. Jolene chairs the elementary school advisory council, has helped with the local 4-H club, manages her son’s hockey team, and is a representative on a few provincial economic development boards as a voice for rural communities and businesses.