• David Bent Farms Ltd.

    David Bent Farms Ltd.

    Middleton, Annapolis County

    The Bents have been farming for 26 years under the name David Bent Farms Ltd.  David and Pamela Bent, and their children Chad, Nick and Jillian farm together. They have a dairy farm milking 110 cows and cropping 600 acres. They grow forages and corn as feed for the cows. The farm is located in Middleton, Nova Scotia. The milk produced on the farm is sold to Agropur, which processes it into the dairy products such as cream, milk, yogurt, ice-cream, and butter. These products can be found at most local retailers.  In 2018, the Bent’s built a a major barn addition to add more stalls in a bright tarp barn, and their second robotic milking system. This family loves working together, with the animals, and enjoys that everyday on the farm is different. Jillian and her brother Chad have plans to take over the farm when their parents retire.