• Brookvilla Farms

    Brookvilla Farms

    Brook Village, Cape Breton

    In 1974 Colin Campbell started registering purebred Holstein cattle. Colin is the owner of Brookvilla Farms in Brook Village, Nova Scotia. Working alongside Colin are his wife Cathy, son Cyle, daughter Cynthia and brothers Angus and Kevin. This dairy farm crops 330 acres. Their milk is sold to a local processor and can be found at local retailers.  The Campbells say “The milk in the store is never far from the cows that produced it!” This family is very passionate about farming and is very much a family farm. Together as a family they love talking about their cows at the supper table, driving around on the tractors, and greeting anyone who visits the farm. Cynthia says “Each goal that gets accomplished on the farm means so much more when you have people you care for to share it with”.