• Benjamin Bridge

    Benjamin Bridge

    1966 White Roak Road, Gaspereau


    Nestled into the gorgeous hillside of Gaspereau Mountain, Benjamin Bridge is a family-owned vineyard and winery growing grapes on 90 acres of farmland. The McConnell-Gordon Family have been farming for 23 years in Gaspereau and since 2015 in Habitant, Nova Scotia.

    Benjamin Bridge is home to some unique products. They are the makers of Nova 7, Nova Scotia’s best-selling wine! They also produce a non-alcoholic wine alternative Piquette Zero, and many sparkling options. You can find their products on their website www.benjaminbridge.com, at the winery, or at their retail partners across Canada. The winery is open year-round.

    The team at Benjamin Bridge has grown to over 65 people with 40 full-time employees. They have recently trialed and adopted a four-day work week with time included for volunteering in the community. All departments of the winery worked to figure out how to implement this year-round. But being in farming, this means it’s not without some creativity. Creating permanent, stable jobs in Nova Scotia is important to the McConnell-Gordon family.

    Benjamin Bridge is also very in tune with the landscape and seasons. “We love being connected to the rhythm of four beautiful, and equally important seasons, both through the land of the farm, but also the life of the wine once it hits the cellar.”