• Atlantic Haskap

    48 Elderbank Back Road, Elderbank, NS


    Cem and Can Hicyilmaz run Atlantic Haskap in Elderbank, Nova Scotia, where they grow around 30,000 haskap plants spread over forty-five acres. Haskap berries, also known as honeyberries, thrive in Nova Scotia’s climate and are harvested in July, with frozen berries available year-round.

    The brothers started Atlantic Haskap by nurturing small saplings for two years before planting them in the fields. They tested different varieties like Canadian, Polish, and Russian to determine which suited their farm and climate best. Cem and his brother grow approximately 30,000 haskap plants in rows spread over forty-five acres on their farm.

    Activities on the farm occur year-round, with soil testing and weed control in spring and fall. During April and May, the plants begin to grow and blossom, and bee hives are brought to the farm to support pollination. Bird netting is used to protect the ripening fruit. Harvest takes place in July. After harvest, leaf tissue testing determines the plants’ nutrient balance, allowing Cem to make smart soil amendments for optimal growth. The plants remain dormant over winter, during which the brothers prune them to enhance future fruit production.

    As the berries begin to ripen Cem uses a tool to measure the brix, or sugar content, in the fruit to measure and confirm the ripeness before harvesting the berries. The berries are hand-picked and then immediately frozen on-site for freshness. The frozen berries are shipped to a processing plant where they are washed, sorted, packaged, and stored. Their 30,000 plants are all harvested over a 3-week period!

    Atlantic Haskap berries are available all year in the freezer section of select Sobeys stores.