• Ashcroft Angus Farms

    Ashcroft Angus Farms

    Baileys Brook, Pictou Co.


    Getting Started

    Lisa MacEachern grew up in rural Nova Scotia, in the community of Plymouth. Lisa was a 4-H kid who spent a lot of her time around livestock and farms. Lisa says “I developed a love of working with animals and the land, which later inspired me to attend the Nova Scotia Agriculture College (now Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture) in Bible Hill, NS.”

    After graduation, Lisa married her high school sweetheart, Scott MacEachern.  Lisa, says about her husband Scott MacEachern, “he has agricultural roots, that run much deeper than mine, he was raised on a farm with over 100 head of beef cattle, in the community of Baileys Brook”.  This is where the two call home today, with their grown children: Emily, Danielle, and Vaughn.  All three of their children attend or have attended St F.X. and still help on the farm when needed.

    Family Roots

    Scott and Lisa resumed farming on the family lands in 2015. For a couple years prior to start up they researched various breeds of cattle and the breed that most appealed to them was Aberdeen Black Angus. Its heritage, reputation, and suitability to the climate, piqued their interest. They are excellent mothers, producing healthy, even-tempered offspring and have a reputation for their marbling and tenderness of the meat.  Before long they were buying their first Black Angus and became members of The Canadian Angus Association!  In 2018, they even took in a Nova Scotia Angus Show, where daughter Danielle tried her hand at showing.


    The farm occupies over 1,000 acres of their land in Baileys Brook, Ardness, Browns Mountain Road and surrounding areas. They grow their own forage crops including haylage, oats and barley for their cattle. The MacEachern’s depend on their working dog Duke, the German Shepherd!  Lisa says, “He’s a great herding dog, with German Working lines, (West German and Czech bloodlines).  He keeps our cows moving in the right direction during the moves to greener pastures!”

    Ashcroft Angus Farms premium beef has become well-known and loved in the Eastern part of the province. They offer an assortment of products such as premium ground beef, AAA Packs, quarters, and sides and gift certificates. You can learn more about their farm and order online through their brand-new website: www.ashcroftbeef.ca.